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A couple of months ago Dan came up to me and asked me if I was up for a bet…hmm I thought to myself what kind of bet? With a little smirk he said, “No fast food for a month, nothing. No soda, burgers, fries, nothing, for a whole month. If you have ANYTHING you have to come tell me.” for a moment I was tempted to act as if I had no idea what fast food was, as if I had never ever entered such an establishment, I mean, I crossfit, I eat Paleo..right?. But from the look on his face it appeared “ a little birdy” must have told him of my love of all things cheeseburgers and everything that goes with them, so I figured a denial of my love affair with fast food wouldn’t get me very far…so without any chance to over think it, I agreed. Shook his hand and said yes!

I was determined not to lose this bet. But it was funny how many times my car would want to drive through for something quick and easy…but I was strong and made myself go home and make something to eat…. I was doing great…and then enter super bowl weekend. Lily wasn’t feeling well so we weren’t able to go out to the planed super bowl party so I thought that it would make it easy to eat something that I could make at home and keep things simple. I offered to make a homemade pizza for our party of three…but Garron suggested ordering pizza. I didn’t really think much about and went along.

Come Monday morning as I am heading in to the box I am feeling pretty proud of myself as I had not driven through a restaurant to get fast food. I walk in ready to work out and conversation goes something like this “hey Mel, how did super bowl weekend go?” me again feeling very proud said, “Great, really great!” his reply, “oh ya, what did you eat?” oh that is easy I thought…”pizza” “PIZZA?!?! He said,” Did you make it?”
AAAAA GARRON!! I am thinking in my head!! But very calmly I replied “no, it was 100% papa john’s” (I mean after all he is the official super bowl pizza…but I don’t think Dan cared about that).

“Well” he said, that’s the month then, BUT if you can go another whole month, I am back in on the bet.” “Yes” I said,” I am in”!

Fast forward…and I won and thanks to Dan I had an opportunity to even do this. I would have never have done this on my own. But things I noticed by just taking fast food out.

  • I can do real pushups now
  • I got five pull ups in a row
  • I got my first knee to elbows and toe to bars
  • I PRd my back squat, my front squat, bench press and deadlift
  • I went from a 12:30 mile to a 9:30 mile (this has been over the course of a few months, but do to the ability to breath better I was able to run faster)
  • I did my first WOD without a band for pull ups!

I never really believed that food played such a huge part… but it does. I am so amazed at how much better I feel just by making small changes, not to mention the money I saved. This was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful for it. It was a wonderful starting place for the paleo challenge. It just takes a couple of baby steps to not overwhelm yourself and before you know it you feel and see the difference!

Mel and Garron will be leaving us on the 8th of April so get all you can of them while you can.  You will be missed guys…

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