Manny’s Story

At the age of 51, I joined CrossFit Woodbridge as an alternative supplement to my daily routine at my local and typical gym. You know typical machine and dead weights, treadmills, elliptical, Zumba classes etc… Don’t get me wrong, some of those things are fine, but they limit your body’s full potential. Since I started Crossfit and entered the Paleo challenge within my first 2 of weeks of joining. I have lost 5.3 % body fat, gain 5lbs muscle and lost 17 pounds in weight. But the more important accomplishment at this time has been my ability to control my blood sugar levels with out my metformin medication.

Since March 22nd thru April 27th, I have tracked and logged multiple blood sugar (BS) readings before and after my meals. My 30 day average BS has been 121 after 2 hours of eating a meal, which is better then my average with the medication and well within the normal range of BS levels for NON Diabetic’s that is recommended by the medical community.  I will post my highly anticipated blood test results as soon as I receive them…I am waiting for the next scheduled test period per my insurance company..LOL if I want them to pay for the test.

The combination of Paleo eating style and the constant variations and challenging crossfit work outs are the perfect recipe for continued results and growth. CrossFit Woodbridge is the perfect place to achieve your total health goals at any age. I urge everyone in the local area, regardless of age to try CrossFit Woodbridge or your nearest crossfit location.

On a personal note, unlike the typical local gym where the staff seems to interact only with their personal favorites or where members seem to be estranged, even though they have seen each other for many months. What I found at CrossFit Woodbridge is the complete opposite. I am so elated to find a family of athletes of all ages coming together in support of each other to achieve their own personal best.

I think it’s an awesome show of respect and unity when a young athlete that has just finished their routine or is still working their routine, yet still finds time to encourage me and others to push on. Won’t get that at my local gym—lol—

In closing, Let me extend a heart warm thank you to Dan, Eve, Nick, Josh and Lloyd for their dedicated involvement to all the members. I also want to thank the entire CrossFit Woodbridge members family for being so welcoming and encouraging to me and each other.

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    Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting
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