Luke’s Story

I am sure all of us have stories of how CrossFit has affected us; I am no different. I first started CrossFit with the hopes of getting in shape for the FBI. I quickly learned that CrossFit had more to offer than merely getting me in shape. For starters, I immediately found out that I had flexibility, nutrition, range of motion, strength, and stamina issues—and let’s not forget that the first workout I did showed me I had never really pushed myself before.

I had also been dealing with a nagging pain in my knee for a good year prior to starting up at CrossFit. In fact, a doctor was so surprised with my PCL that he assumed i had been in a car accident. My memory notwithstanding, he still diagnosed me with an old PCL injury and prescribed Physical Therapy. I was worried that my new physical therapist wouldn’t let me do CrossFit, but, surprisingly, it turned out that she was a Crossfitter. She worked her therapist magic during appointments and additionally encouraged me to keep up with the crossfit workouts. As she said:“ There is nothing better for joint pain than to strengthen the surrounding muscles. And if you are working with a certified trainer then you will learn how to do all the exercises safely and effectively.”

Obvisouly, we have several certified trainers at CrossFit Woodbridge.

With a healthy dose of squats from Dan, my knee pain slowly faded away.

I next learned a ton about was nutrition. Unfortunately I started CrossFit right after the first Paleo challenge. But, after hearing many of the success stories, I figured I would give general nutrition improvement a shot. I read a ton, asked a ton of questions, and slowly started making changes in eating habits. What really solidified things for me was talking with Shelby over at Max Muscle. She was immensely helpful as she was able to answer specific questions related to my own good/bad eating habits. (GNC is great but the employees at Max Muscle actually have some credentials and knowledge behind the counter.) After hearing, and following, her advice, the overall fitness regiment provided by Dan provided even greater dividends. I don’t have a before number, but my most recent BMI is down to 8.3%–and that is with my weight actually going up about 10 pounds since I started CrossFit.

I hope this encourages some of you who are just about to start the Paleo challenge. Don’t be afraid to bug Dan or Shelby about nutrition questions. See you guys hopefully on some of the Saturday Workouts in the future.


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