Lee’s Story

I want to express my highest recommendation and thanks for CrossFit Woodbridge and its owner and my friend, Dan Broughton. I came to CFW in February 2010 after being rejected from Marine Corps OCS in January. My situation was different from the average person who walks in the door of the gym, but my results have been typical for any person who is willing to seriously put in hard work and effort day after day.

I started CrossFitting in 2008 and had been pretty serious about it for a couple of years when I got to CFW. I was even Level 1 certified and training at my school gym at Boston University. I thought that I had just about peaked in my personal physical capabilities by the time I was rejected from OCS. I scored a 276/300 on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, which is one of the heaviest weighted parts of the application. After about 6 months at CFW I improved my PFT to 290, doing 20 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a 3 mile run in 19:38. I am now one of the few candidates out of the entire nation who have been selected for an active duty ground spot at OCC 205 starting in October (roughly %10 of the qualified applicants sent to the review board were selected).

I’m not saying that the results I have seen at CFW were easy or would even be typical for most people. CrossFit is hard, and it is supposed to be hard. Achieving great results is not supposed to be easy. If it was, every person watching TV on an eliptical at every Globo Gym would be super fit. CrossFit is designed to provide elite results to people who are especially motivated to achieve them.

My best advice for anyone who is looking to achieve real results is to listen to every word Dan says and always take it to the limit. Do pull-ups, eat paleo, try GOMAD or the Zone, practice double-unders, wear a weighted vest, on-and-on, and never say that you can’t because that’s just an excuse.

Thank you to all of my friends at CFW who have supported me and pushed me through every workout. I will miss you all while I’m at OCS and look forward to coming back and hitting hard again when I can visit.

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