Amanda Bryson

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If you’ve never been inspired come to the 6am and meet Amanda Bryson.  Amanda started 1 year and 1 month ago at CFW incredibly nervous about CrossFit and starting something new like this.  Amanda is THE definition of hard work and dedication.  Not only has she set the example for the entire 6am class she inspires her kids to workout, her husband to change his diet and she also motivates her fellow Marine wives to get out there and do a 5k (like her first ever last year) or a 10k like she did this weekend.  Amanda has most recently gotten her first ever pull-up something she’s never been able to do her entire life.  She’s been successful strictly because she has worked at it, swore more than any girl I know,  cried a few times and may have thrown a box at me BUT she got back….on…the…bar and got that pull-up!!  Amanda will never let up, never slow down and never stop inspiring.  Thank you so much for being a part of CrossFit Woodbridge you are truely an inspiration to me and all of us here.

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