Meredith’s Story

“I started CrossFit in January. At that point, I was lying to myself that I was “in shape” because I was skinny and frequented a high-end health club. Truth was, fast food and I were friends, and I had zero muscle or endurance. I was starting from square one. I couldn’t even hang on the bar, much less hope for a pull-up.

I thought I knew a lot about working out because of my military background. Then Dan pointed out a lot of things I was actually doing wrong and taught me the right techniques. I also thought I was eating healthy overall. Now, I follow a slightly modified paleolithic diet, and my food journal keeps me honest. It feels good to stop faking it and actually do something real.

Now, I CrossFit 4 times a week on average. I’m building muscle fast, losing fat, and increasing endurance. Pull-ups are not a problem. I also have a LOT more energy at work. My biggest fear was that I would end up looking like a body builder, but Dan taught me that’s impossible unless I’m taking drugs. Which I’m not, for the record. And he was right about that too.

So I thought my old marathon days were over, but through some chiropractic work on Dan’s suggestion and lots of confidence-building from fellow CrossFitters over the last four months, I have goals to raise money for TAPS again. CrossFit has really positively impacted my life, and hopefully the lives of some military families I’m now able to raise money for. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

All of this was possible simply because I did what Dan told me to do, motivated by all of the other awesomeCrossFitters in Woodbridge. They are a great bunch of folks, we’re kind of like a family. Minus the drama. Check it out, we even have a dog.”

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